Low Energy Construction

An energy efficient house is a building that sources and consumes energy efficiently. It also provides a healthier, more comfortable and productive environment indoors through affordable and efficient use of energy resources.

Energy efficient design combines passive and hybrid techniques whereas mechanical systems such as A/C, ventilation and electrical lighting have an ancillary role leading to the reduction of conventional fuel and electrical energy consumption.


An energy efficient building will remain cool during the summer with minimal A/C usage and warm during the winter with reduced usage of conventional heating systems thanks to its passive cooling and heating achieved through the use of thermal insulation, shading systems and passive solar technology. The result is a healthy and comfortable indoor environment that saves energy and money.


There is no difference in the construction cost between an energy efficient house and a conventional one of the same size and use. The only distinct difference lies in the design principles that are followed. Energy efficient buildings are designed to take fully advantage of their surrounding environment and climatic conditions.

AEPHORIA associates provides solutions with regard to the design and construction of energy efficient houses in cooperation with architects specialized in the energy efficient design of buildings.