Since 1998 our main activities center on the design and construction of residential buildings across Greece and in particular the wider Athens region. The past decade we have focused on sustainable and energy conscious residential design, building performance certification, the renovation of both residential and non-residential buildings, as well as on real estate investment opportunities.

Our network of established and accredited partners provides our clients with high quality products to secure their investment. Our relationships with major developers ensure our buyers have access to the best residential development projects across Greece. Our experienced team possess a wealth of knowledge across the new build and pre owned residential market, and advise buyers throughout the development and sales process. We align with carefully selected third parties to ensure the buyers’ needs are met on many associated issues like taxation and finance.

Vissarion Konidaris (MEng Civil Engineering)

Since my graduation in 2006 from Cardiff University I have been working in the design and construction of multi-storey domestic buildings in the greater area of Athens.

My passion for sustainable design and construction is what led me to start AEPHORIA ASSOCIATES. What I enjoy doing in all my projects is to find opportunities to talk to clients about low energy design and make Sustainability the basis of our projects.

As a member of AEPHORIA ASSOCIATES my role is to provide sustainable solutions in the construction and retrofit of domestic and non-domestic buildings along with energy performance certification and real estate services.

Afroditi Maria Konidari (Dipl.Arch.Eng, MSc, PhD, ARB)

I am a qualified architect engineer (Dipl,Arch.Eng, MSc, PhD, ARB) and postdoctoral building performance researcher specialising in the areas of building performance evaluation, energy efficiency and low-energy design. My current interests lie in the interpretation of operational high-resolution data with an aim to improve the performance of low-energy buildings and inform future architectural practice.

My experience in designing low-energy buildings, researching (iSERV project, 2011-2014) and assessing building performance gives me an in depth understanding of what sustainability issues need to be considered during building design and operation. I have also worked with Welsh School of Architecture and Cardiff University to investigate the operational performance of the Hive Library in Worcester.

At Aephoria, I help clients to explore, define and achieve their aspirations. My role covers the provision of consultation regarding low-energy design, the evaluation of non-domestic and domestic building performance, and leading the proposal development of residential, multi-use and retrofit projects.

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