Dr. Afroditi-Maria Konidari

I am a qualified architect engineer (Dipl,Arch.Eng, MSc, PhD, ARB) and postdoctoral building performance researcher specialising in the areas of building performance evaluation, energy efficiency and low-energy design. My current interests lie in the interpretation of operational high-resolution data with an aim to improve the performance of low-energy buildings and inform future architectural practice.

My experience in designing low-energy buildings, researching (iSERV project, 2011-2014) and assessing building performance gives me an in depth understanding of what sustainability issues need to be considered during building design and operation. I have also worked with Welsh School of Architecture and Cardiff University to investigate the operational performance of the Hive Library in Worcester.

At Aephoria, I help clients to explore, define and achieve their aspirations. My role covers the provision of consultation regarding low-energy design, the evaluation of non-domestic and domestic building performance, and leading the proposal development of residential, multi-use and retrofit projects.